Musical Inspiration

All artists, no matter what they specialize in, get inspired by one beautiful thing, music. Sometimes you will hear just one random song and instantly be immersed into a world unlike anything we can imagine. Sometimes the greatest ideas, characters, paintings, and even other songs, come from the power of music. The very best thing about music is that there is something for everybody. So I present to you my top 5 music inspirations.  Now realize what inspires me may not inspire you but I hope you find this interesting and maybe get inspired yourself.

5.     Movie Soundtracks

Now I will admit right off the bat that this is very broad for number 5 but that is one of the reasons I have it number 5. There are so many great soundtracks out there that I can’t just select one. Most of the time, I love the whole soundtrack but I really only get inspired by one or two songs per movie track. The fact is there are reasons some movie music has won awards, they’re just that good. Even though I listen to them all the time I still get inspired to this day by the same songs. Some of my personal favorite movie soundtracks are, “Hook,” “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Treasure Planet,” and “Tron Legacy.” 

                    4. Overclocked Remix

If you love video game music then get your digital butt over to Overclock. This is a website where the primary focus is to offer thousands of free fan-made video game music arrangements. Sure, since it’s all fan made some compositions are not that great, but the soundtracks the website has made are phenomenal. I listen to the Megaman and Donkey Kong Country soundtracks on a weekly basis. It may take a little time to find something you like or want but once you do you will be hooked.

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                   3. Two Steps From Hell

Ya, not a big surprise that I have this group on my list. Two Steps From Hell was formed back in 2006 when Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix joined forces to write original music for movie trailers. I know as soon as I listened to their music on YouTube for the first time I was hooked. Two Steps from Hell focuses strictly on epic music, and by epic I mean the kind of music you listen to during movie trailers, or during a climax battle scene or a deep emotional scene in a movie. If their music doesn’t inspire you then it will at least make for great workout tunes.

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            2. DustForce Soundtrack

Dustforce is a platform video game developed by Hitbox Team. The game was released in January 2012 for Microsoft Windows via Steam, and Mac OS X through Steam in May 2012 and its soundtrack is G, O, O, D, gooodd. The musical artist of this indie game is a man named Terence, from Portland, Oregon. I love this soundtrack because of its 8-bit feel but also the calming and peaceful essence it gives off. Not only does this music inspire but it also feels very relaxing and non distracting which is great if your attempting to focus on an art project and still want music.

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Finally number one, drum roll please……

              1. The Synthetic Orchestra

Now your probably thinking, “Stephen what the heck is that?” Pure gold that’s what. The Synthetic Orchestra is the pseudonym for a British video game music composer and orchestrator Blake Robinson, who has developed a substantial following on YouTube, primarily for his orchestrations, recreations and remixes of popular video game music. Listening to Blake’s music is simple wonderful. I love his nerdy side with video game remixes but he also creates original music as well that I feel is absolutely impactful. His Originals Volume 2 soundtrack has inspired me quite a bit and some of my best ideas and current comic projects originated from just listening to that soundtrack. All in all I have to say, support Blake Robinson cause he has talent!

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So I hope you will check out all these wonderful musical artist and get inspired to create. Jack London once said, “You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.”



Any artwork show on this blog post is property of the musical artist or group mentioned in the countdown.