Fairy Illustration

        Every artist has his or her ups and downs. This illustration was definitely created during one of those down times. Artists, no matter how talented he or she might be, will always find days where they feel they are no good at art and it can be some of the most frustrating moments in life. That is how I was feeling when I started this illustration. I decided that feeling sorry for myself wasn't going to change anything so I chose to take that emotion and form it into a piece of art the best way I could. 

Like many artists throughout time I started my illustration with the sketch process then went into ink. I gained a lot of inspiration for how I wanted everything to look from Miyazaki's, Secret World of Arrietty.

I then added the base colors, shadows and highlights. Adding the rain effect and water was something new for me that I have never done before in my illustrations and it was quite a challenge. When I first tried to figure it out I made so much rain that it looked like the fairy was in a hurricane more than just a rainstorm.  

Finally, I got to the most enjoyable part of the illustration, the fine details. I added texture to the wings and the leaf, blurred out the plants in the foreground, added some more intense shadows and highlights, and added a splatter effect to where the rain was hitting. I really challenged myself in the piece and even though I was upset when beginning this illustration, I became much happier after it was done. To all my fellow artists out there, "If you believe in yourself just as much as you challenge yourself, you might just end up surprising yourself."