Inktober 2015

This October I decided to do the Inktober/Drawlloween challenge. In case your not aware of it, Inktober or Drawlloween, whichever you prefer, is when a bunch of artists throughout the world wide web create daily ink illustrations durning the month of October. Usually artists do something spooky or creepy themed each time because of Halloween coming up. There is a guide you can follow but it's not necessary. However, I decided to follow the guide since it was my first time with the challenge. I guess I should say I followed most of the guide, there were a few themes I didn't want to draw and decided to create something different. I learned a lot doing this exercise and I felt my artwork got better each day. I usually do digital artwork so going back to pen and paper was challenging but also very satisfying. Even though Inktober is over, if you're an artist I definitely recommend doing this challenge next year. I feel it helps artists not only go back to the basics for some fun practice but also teaches them how to manage their time. Many artists use the excuse that they don't do much artwork because they don't have time. The realization is that life is always going to be busy and something will always find a way to take up your time. The trick is finding a way to manage time well enough to create art. That might mean you have to sacrifice watching a show you like or playing some video games but if you truly want to progress as an artist, making time for art is very important. With all that said, below are all my 31 illustrations for 2015's Inktober/Drawlloween. Enjoy. :)