Children's Books

Little Goldie Finch

Little Goldie Finch is a children’s book I illustrated for Green Ivy Publishing. The book focuses on personal achievement as Little Goldie Finch enforces the specific steps that are all part of the laws of success, and it does so in a manner that even a child can understand and enjoy.

Himerick's Limerick

Was there ever life before marshmallows? Himerick sure doesn't think so! Marshmallows are his whole world! Himerick likes marshmallows so much that he wants them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Life is sweet (pun intended) until his mother decides to take away his precious marshmallows and puts him on a good, healthy diet. 

How will Himerick survive such a horrendous ploy, no doubt brought about by his goody-two-shoes brother Mike? Will Himerick be doomed to submit to such unreasonableness?

The Blurter

A story is about a kindergarten boy named Alexander Johnathan McCarthy Jr. who has a terrible time following the sharing rule at Martha K. Banks Elementary School and needs help to cure himself of his bad habit of blurting out answers and stories all the time.